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Enjoying Retirement :-) :: Aug 14 2010, 06:05 PM

Where oh where does the time go...

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We Are Retired :: Mar 22 2010, 09:17 AM

In case you hadn't noticed it.

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Alice Adventures 06 :: Mar 21 2009, 11:23 PM

With tonight's release of Alice Adventures 06, we finish the series and we finish our group. There is no moving on, there is no dissapearing, there is just retirement. I'm the current leader but there've been at least three before me who've held the post. AnimeForever-Fansubs started as a small group in 2003 or 2002, no one really remembers. The founders of the group have been long gone, but we've continued the tradition. While the number of us has dwindled and many of us have lost the free time to spare to this hobby, we've continued on these past two years despite being fairly inactive.

By our count we finish with 563 releases. Most of these have been since 2004 but then and before were many one off's, dropped projects, internally subbed, or otherwise not widely distributed.

Thank you for flying AnimeForever-Fansub airlines and we hope you've enjoyed the ride.

I would like to note all the staff that have ever worked for or aided us in our journey. I know I'm forgetting many but here're a few I can recollect.

[A_v_C], [P]ako, {angel}TK, |Obaka|, A7|Acura, Acridsaint, Alain83, Amp, AnijoAnan, Anomaly2k, Arcalyn, Astridas, Beboparia, Bonkers325, cbebop2, ChibiMonkey, CMOS, CowGirlNoir, CrimsonAngel, Deedala, Dens, DiNkAi, dowxp, driftr, Evil_Trunks, faith, flarp, flipdon, fortytwo, ghostman2000, Gomu, guptaman, grv, H_I, Hiwatari-kun, iscolear, Jaguar, Julianlivre, kara-kun, Kazusa, Keikochan, Kezzy, king-kai, kingofbeer, Kinovas, kittenbitten, LanEvolutionVII, Ledgem, Locl-Yocl, loserbait, luckystripr, Lynk, Lythka, M1, MobileSuitPancake, moonbeamdanser, narutaru, nerdelf, Okita, oogs, pantsu-pirate, PatDaniels, penguin|tired, P-Seeker, r00t, R3|00, RainaWallis, Raziel, Redbat, ryuichi036, shadow, Shiori, sidude, Sylf, Tarepanda, TBCOOL, teh, Tellu, TuxedoJericho, Veeh, Xepheus, and Zarbonis.

Thanks to our joint partnership groups of Yoroshiku, Froth-Bite, Seichi, Rev-Quest, Kuraki-Fans, Infusion, and FanGirl-Friday.

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Attn Germany :: Mar 18 2009, 08:44 AM

You have 2.5 days before being declared MIA. D=

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Alice Adventure 05 :: Feb 2 2009, 08:03 PM

Only one left! OMG!

Episode 6 is like... I won't say it. Just grab it and enjoy.

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Alice Adventures 04 :: Jan 27 2009, 07:54 PM

Yup, we're wrapping it up in the next two or three weeks. Can ya believe it?
Quite an excellent episode here so nab it, enjoy, and 5 isn't far behind smile.gif

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Alice Adventures 03 :: Dec 7 2008, 10:32 PM

Quick enough for ya?

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Alice Adventures 02 :: Dec 2 2008, 11:11 PM

This one had a good 5 month span. Don't worry Ep 3 will be much quicker.

And to anyone trying to join the af-f forum registration might be turned off. Send an email to animeforeverfansubs at hawtmail . comm (yeah use you're brain to fix that one)

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Sweet Valerian 25 & 26! :: Nov 17 2008, 08:17 PM

And yes after months of being busy, hehe, we're finished with another series. Many thanks again to Yoroshiku for aiding us in this quest that so should have only taken a month *maybe* two haha. Anyway, enjoy happy.gif

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Sweet Valerian 24 :: Jul 8 2008, 07:12 PM

[07:08pm] <[P]ako> goat, please make news post smile.gif
[07:08pm] <dottedline> woohoo! drunken post!1!
Oh I need to change my nick... is what that pasting told me.
Woohoo thanks to the mighty Grv and Y-F we're going to finish our series!
Much <3 to the Kazusa who started this project with us but is much busy in Japan doing what she does and ummm yup <3 to the Clamp and their wacky series.

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