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Full Version: Flame Of Recca Season 2
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Somber Requiem
I was reading about FoR on a fan site and apparently in the manga there is more to the story after the events of the last episode in the anime. It is about a new Hokage device called Heaven Hell with new villains and Kurei as what appears to be an ally of Team Hokage. Itís not fanfic either it is supposedly part of the official manga. Does anyone know anything about this and if it will ever be show as an anime or will it just be part of the manga?
I would assume that it's just the manga, since the anime ended years ago with episode 42. Maybe they did some OVAs or something, but I've never found them anywhere if there are any.
The studio ran out of money and had to end the anime early... that's why there's obvious plotlines that are left unfinished, especially in the last episode, that you'll see when we get there. I WISH there were OVAs and such, but none to be found. The best thing is to read the manga, which has finished around at Vol 33 with the end of the anime being around Vol. 17(?), and has a really good ending story arc.
Somber Requiem
I found some manga translations for the anime and further on in the story. Quasi-Translation and lamassu Translations
at least they have started releasing the manga in canada and in the states... there for go out and buy the manga, 1 and 2 should be out... incourgae them to bring us more biggrin.gif (and download the rest)
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