Aside from watching a few shows here and there, and potentially watching it to impress a girl one time, I never really got anime. The characters were over the top, the dialogue was silly, and the few truly serious moments that I enjoyed never seemed to last long. However, another girl I wanted to impress came along, and long story short, this is how I got into anime.

The first step was understanding it. It is an art style that came into play in 1917 in Japan, and then really evolved into its own being. It encompasses many genres including space opera’s, slice of life, fantasy, and comedy, so every anime fan has something to get behind.


Characteristics of anime

Anime is either subbed with English subtitles that are played over the Japanese lines, or dubbed with English lines being said over the traditional Japanese voices. Some anime even have two different versions with one being the Japanese version and the other being the English version.

Also, most anime is set to be told over the long term, so watch a few episodes and see if you can get into the style and plot. I had to give several anime a few episodes to either grab or lose my attention. It is slow-paced, and some large events that are supposed to be fast paced such as a battle can take a lot of time.

I learned to appreciate the buildup and the character-driven storylines, and even the subtle humor or addition of new characters got me interested enough to invest in a new series. Patience and the forever knowledge that investing in even a short series is going to be a long haul for you and the characters, will help keep things interesting.

Join a community

Anime fans are everywhere and are all across the globe, and no matter what series I picked to sink my brain into, I found that there was a fan club or cult following for that show. These fandom people will help any fan understand the characters, the backstory, and any confusing plots and will always be enthusiastic to get you involved with the romance of certain characters.

Although, stay away from in anime romances if you are just starting out. Understand the characters, their personalities, and their chemistry with the rest of their team before picking a side in the endless ‘the hero should be with this woman’ debate. Trust me, every single anime has this in some way, so the chance to say your side will come.

My journey into anime was one that was slow paced, full of twists and turns, and ended with me finding two or three shows I liked. I then used those shows to impress a girl, and life went on from there.

Any anime will certainly take some time to get used to, and taking the time to really study and focus on any anime for its voice actors, art style, and plot will help keep things fresh and interesting as you try to find the good anime in a sea of several choices.